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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mulberry Tree Facts II

Mulberry trees are originally native to Eastern and Central China and later spread to Europe. Nowadays, this loved tree and its berries have been introduced to many countries around the world.

"Nature's open palm" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: lepiaf.geo (Gordana Adamovic-Mladenovic) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

The mulberry tree has two main species, native red mulberry (Morus Rubra) and Asian white mulberry (Morus Alba). Other species include the American and black mulberry while cross species exist, as well.

Mulberry tree heights vary depending on the species. White mulberry trees can grow between 40 feet to 80 feet tall and the native red mulberry grows up to 70 feet tall. The smallest mulberry tree, the black mulberry, typically grows as a bush that measures 30 feet high.

From the flowers it can be determined that mulberry trees are dioecious or monoecious, male or female, and sometimes will change from one sex to another. Round female flowers are the ones that will become the fruit or the berries.

White mulberries are white with visible little black seeds on the outside of the berry. Red mulberries become dark purples, almost black when ripe and start to fall off of the tree themselves.

Growing Facts
Mulberry trees need space, a lot of sun, and can take up to 10 years to grow fruit. They should be planted at least 15 feet apart giving each tree adequate space.

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